April 24, 2020 2 min read

Almost everyone has experienced nervousness before at one point in life. A few symptoms of nervousness include sweating, heavy breathing, increased heart rate, and trouble concentrating. Nervousness can impact a person’s performance, tone, and speech. Overcoming nervousness is never an easy thing; it comes with time and patience. It is necessary to uncover the essential factors in your life that contribute to nervousness. Here a few tips on how to reduce nervousness and jittery feelings in the body: Meditation Studies have shown that meditation is a great way to help reduce nervousness levels in the body. Meditation helps clear the mind and decrease heavy breathing, heart rate, and sweating. Practicing meditation techniques when you experience any symptoms of nervousness helps the mind calm down the body, which reduces overall nervousness. Always make sure to meditate in a distraction-free environment to help you concentrate to maximize the benefits of meditation. Talk to a Close Friend Equally important, confiding in a loved one or friends is another excellent way to conquer nervousness within the body. Doing this provides an exceptional opportunity to show your feelings to someone that you trust and care about. Sometimes in life, we all just need someone who will have open ears to all our troubles and adversities. An accepting ear helps release all the tension we’ve had built-in on the inside. Finally, when stress reduces in the body, nervousness also decreases. All in all, this method allows the body to let go of excessive tension and energy that contributes to elevated levels of nervousness. Journal Your Thoughts Journaling is another amazing way to ease nervousness within the body. Journaling your thoughts allows a person to write down their feelings, problems, and frustrations out on a piece of paper. Journaling is a powerful method that helps a person express the concerns they may be feeling on the inside. Ultimately, this helps relieve tension, which helps reduce nervousness in the body. Use a Candle Studies have found that candles are a marvelous method to help reduce nervousness in the body. Lighting a candle in the room can help clear a person’s mind and also help calm their body when they are feeling distressed. When a person is experiencing nervousness, it is critical to use methods to help them destress. Research indicates that a few great scents to help increase focus include citrus, peppermint, and cinnamon. Altogether, candles help soothe the mind while improving a person’s concentration and alertness.

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