Wax Tart

Scent- Grapefruitful NO. 002
  • Top Tone -Grapefruit and Blood Orange
  • Middle Tone -Mint
  • Mood -Refreshing and Relaxing

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UPDATE:4/19/2021 "Where's My Order" review

Full disclosure as to be fair to the company. My tracking information now reflects that my items have now shipped. I apologize for any inconveniences. I do not see a way to delete/amend my original "review".


Wax Tart

Stay at home Awesome!!!!!

I just had to write this review! I have ordered many wax melts but never from The Giving Wick; big mistake. I will never go back to anything else! With all that's going, when I put the "I AM FIRE" wax melt and just sit the scent gives me a feeling or serenity, peace, and relaxation. Thank you The Giving Wick!!

Charisma Watkins
Quarantined with the Perfect Man

I have been enjoying candles from The Giving Wick for about a year so decided to try the wax melts. First of all my order was shipped and arrived VERY QUICKLY in beautiful packaging! Second, the wax melts are amazing. They work perfectly in my outlet warmer/nightlight and the scents cover a large area. Third they are long lasting. The fragrance is not at all over powering, its long lasting and doesn't fade. I am so impressed with the quality of the products! My entire home smells amazing and like the Perfect Man. Being under a stay at home order just got a whole lot brighter!

Leah Lee

I'm not a candle responsible person so I go with the wax melts. I ordered a few of these and took them on vacation with me. We were in a rented home at the beach so another reason to be respectful of others property. I thought they smelled AMAZING until I got a call from the owner after we left!!!! They wanted to know what products we used to clean before we left as the home smelled so great! At first I was scared to take the call to be honest. Literally yelled at everyone what they broke. The owner wanted the name of the products and wants to use them going forward. Also knowing that a part of my sale goes to charities makes me feel really good about my purchase. 😊