I believe it is important to try to do a good deed every day.

What do I mean by "do a good deed"? For me, it is something really simple. It is something as simple as holding a door; saying good morning or being polite; telling a waiter they provided good service; telling a stranger their purse is open, or even buying some food for a homeless person. It is the greatest fulfilling feeling in the world and yet, it is not enough. I need to fill my heart even more; I need to do more.

This is why I started The Giving Wick, my own little candle company.

We all love candles. We love the smell it produces which helps us remember good times from the past. We love the intimacy that a candle brings when we want to relax. We love the warmth it provides. A candle helps us to get into that nice and cozy feeling. What more could it bring other than knowing that the candle you just lit is helping a cause?

  • We want to help Charities who are fighting for great causes.
  • We want to help Foundations who work hard at helping others.
  • We want to help causes who try to find cures for illnesses or diseases.

And we want you to be part of it.

For every purchased candle, The Giving Wick will be donating 15%.
At first, we will be limited to a few charities in order to make the donations relevant. But we will be adding many more, including the one that is dear to your heart.

Let’s light up a “The Giving Wick” candle, and let’s smell its relaxing smell and have the fantastic feeling that you are helping someone else. That you just did a good deed for the day.